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Nano Liquid Handlers

Brand: Formulatrix Product Code: 30225
Dispense Range: 50nL-1.8uL, 200uL with HV attachment
Lipid Cubic Phase (LCP) Attachment: No
High Volume (HV) Tip attachment: Yes
Active Humidification Range: Ambient-95%

Brand: Formulatrix Product Code: 26564
Fast: Dispense a 1uL, 1536-well plate in less than fourteen seco
Flexible: 12 ingredients inputs; supports virtually all SBS plate types; robot accessible; optional plate stacking
Precise: Dispenses a minimum volume of 200nL
Small: About the size of a toaster oven
State-of-the-Art: Independent channel control over all 96 nozzles; uses positive displacement instead of pressurized bottles
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